In Italy we know how to cook in many fantastic ways, but we care about aesthetics too. We perfectly know that the very first wish made for Christmas will be: "I want to make a good impression from the very beginning!". On the other hand, you will surely be in a big hurry during December, 25... So, how to help you in solving these problems? Just follow our suggestions and... Enjoy!!!

Santa Finger Food


  • white bread for tramezzini
  • stuffings: tuna cream, sausages, patè, ham, Parma ham, smoked and/or marinated fish, various garnishing like Italian mozzarella, olives, caviar.


Using Christmas mood cookie molds, cut white bread slices in order to get stars, christmas trees, and so on. Put on these "ground zero" your preferred saugages or toppings elevating your Christmas "tramezzini" till stage 3.

You can even explore different bread toasting levels in order to perfectly match your preferred topping, just like smoked salmon, for example. Enjoy!!!