About us

Our Company

U-Cook is the new Italian brand specialised in high quality kitchen tools with a sophisticated design. Every single U-Cook product has been designed and produced keeping in mind our only possible reference: end-user.

Quality of raw materials, aesthetic beauty, usability and certification of the whole production process take form into an exclusive offer of sophisticated products, able to capture even the most selective attention and to give an always-efficient functionality.

Our Warranty

Any U-Cook product, besides being obviously guaranteed for 2 years, will always keep unaltered its value over time thanks to the complete product replacement, in the event of clear defectiveness notified during the 2-year warranty period.

For U-Cook customer, there must be only positive surprises.

Our Team

International experienced Management accurate Category Managers, consolidated organisational structure and Marketing Department: everyone is focused on final customer and they all take part to an exciting working group. Everyone is challenging himself with the purpose of reaching more-and-more high standards.

Our Values

Final Customer: the most important internal value con only be represented by the entity that lets a brand live, compete and win.

His purchasing power: Quality, the second primary U-Cook value, must always be a real value for customer, not just a word. In addition, it must always be accessible: at the best economic possible conditions.

Our Network

U-Cook products are only available on the official sales channels directly controlled by PhabooTrade S.r.l.: the present domain you are visiting (www.u-cook.it) and our Amazon store Amazon. If you are interested in becoming an official Dealer of our products, please contact us at info@u-cook.it.

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